July 15, 2016


What is H.I.R.S.A

The Hawaiian Island Recreational Scuba Association is a dedicated, non-profit group of individuals and members working on a daily basis to ensure the well being of diving in Hawaii. Our goals are to:

  1. Act as a trade association for scuba retailers and resorts offering scuba charters and programs in Hawaii
  2. To support and promote healthy, active diving in Hawaii
  3. Expand promotions to increase diving tourism to the Hawaiian Islands
  4. Abide by, and further, safe diving practices
  5. Establish an active and supportive recreational dive lobby
  6. Work with government agencies in promoting a healthy marine environment


You are invited to the 15th annual HIRSA Industry Day.  HIRSA has created a Scuba event for members and industry professionals.  The Annual HIRSA member meeting and board elections will be a part of this daylong affair along with presentations by industry leaders.


Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Cycle City Hawaii (Harley Davidson) 600 Puuloa Rd. Honolulu, HI 96819 (5 minutes from the airport)

Master of Ceremony: Marty Snyderman

9:00 am      Registration and Coffee

9:15 am       Lauren Smith/Marty Snyderman – Welcome and Introductions

9:30 am        Rebecca Hurley – Social Media and Instagram for Scuba Operations

10:15 am    Jeff Nance/Susan Steinmann – Charitable Support of the HTC

11:00 am     Jason Mehlinger – DAR

11:45 am     Lauren Smith – Election of Directors

12:30 pm     Lunch – catered

1:30 pm       Jerry Beaty – Dive Industry Research

2:15 pm       Jack Fishman – Conservation and local communities

3:30 pm      Teri Leicher/Tim Means (HIRSA) – Business & Legal Issues Discussion


Ground transport: For members traveling from outer islands we will arrange for transportation to and from the airport prior to and at the conclusion of the event upon request.


Speakers Bios for 2019 INDUSTRY DAY

M.C.: Marty Snyderman – Dive Training Magazine

One of approximately 75 people inducted into DEMA’s SCUBA diving Hall of Fame, Marty Snyderman is a proud recipient of DEMA’s 2008 Reaching Out Award. Marty is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, still photographer, author, and speaker specializing in the marine environment. Marty represents Dive Training magazine in Hawaii and also speaks to tourism boards in other destinations regarding the North American scuba diving marketplace.

Marty got certified in 1972 and became an instructor in 1975. Yes, he’s getting a little long in the tooth, but still loves to dive as much as he ever did.

Marty produces at least three columns a month in every issue of Dive Training, including the underwater photography column entitled Behind The Lens and a natural history column entitled What’s That. Marty teaches underwater photography seminars in dive centers in North America and at destinations around the globe. He is also the Senior Editor and a columnist for California Diving News, and the co-author of a series of apps on underwater photography.

With regard to HIRSA, I feel like my participation is a way of “giving back to Hawaii”, a place where I have learned what the Aloha spirit is all about and a state I have absolutely fallen in love with.

Dr. Sue Steinemann – Medical Director of the UHP Hyperbaric Treatment Center

Dr. Sue Steinemann is the Medical Director of the UHP Hyperbaric Treatment Center, the only emergency hyperbaric center in Hawaii available to the public. Dr. Steinemann is an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Hawaii. She is board-certified in General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care and has worked as a Trauma Surgeon at Queen’s for over two decades. Dr. Steinemann received her doctorate at the University of California, San Diego, completed General Surgery residency at the University of California, Davis, research fellowship at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, and Surgical Critical Care fellowship at the University of Hawaii. She is PADI certified (but not as gnarly as all you HIRSA folks) and worked as an ocean lifeguard in San Diego for seven years. When not working she enjoys watersports, walking her dog, and embarrassing her teenagers.

Rebecca Hurley – Digital Editor Bonnier Dive Group

Becca Hurley is Digital Editor of the Bonnier Dive Group, which includes Scuba Diving and Sport Diver magazines. She has been a certified diver since 2006 and has worked for the Bonnier Dive Group, traveling the world diving since 2014. She took her first dive trip to Hawaii at age 16 and has dived six of the eight major Hawaiian islands since. She is also a member of the ScubaLab test team.

Jason Mehlinger – Outreach Specialist Division of Aquatics Resources

Jason moved to Hawaii from Maryland immediately after high school to study marine biology. As a student at Hawaii Pacific University, he was able to work in the UH Coral and Fish Disease lab investigating parasitic invasions through invasive species introductions. After graduating with a degree in marine biology Jason spent 2 years working as an NOAA fisheries observer on the Hawaiian longline tuna and swordfish fleet. After > 370 days at sea, he transitioned to a diver and scientific technician for the State of Hawaii’s Aquatic Invasive Species team, which is part of Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR). Jason is now the Oahu based Outreach Specialist for DAR and works to facilitate communication between resource users and managers as well as enhance education and promote pono practices in and around our various aquatic ecosystems.

Jack Fishman – Project A.W.A.R.E

Began his diving adventures at the age of 8 years old, and have been hooked ever since. Over the years of diving, he has been able to watch marine species diversity and observe subtle and major changes in our reef systems in the Caribbean and also in the Florida Keys. This knowledge and experience have fueled Jack’s passion to grow and discover new places. He wants to educate our communities in the United States and beyond about opportunities and meaningful activities and knowledge people can use to conserve our beautiful ecosystems.

As the Community Conservation Officer at Project AWARE, his job is to give our diving community the voice it needs to help conservation become commonplace.

Jerry Beaty – DEMA Board Member

The view from my side is that I fell into a series of jobs that allowed for a life that could feed my personal addiction to travel, adventure and making a stream of friends in countries all over the world. To top it off it was always about scuba diving, always related to some part of the dive industry. I’ve represented equipment manufacturers, booked and sold dive travel and helped other people sell dive travel. I have had the privilege of working with dive retailers all around North America.

My present job in dive publishing allows me to work with dive operators around the world and tourism boards in most of the Caribbean basin and a few in lands far, far away! I have been blessed and keep my fingers crossed that it continues for quite a while longer!


Want to Help Support the Scuba Industry in Hawaii?

We are working everyday to protect our ocean and keep our visitors in the water to experience the amazing marine life that is unique to our islands.  If you would like to contribute to our efforts in Hawaii please donate to H.I.R.S.A below. Thank you for your support!