July 15, 2016


What is H.I.R.S.A

The Hawaiian Island Recreational Scuba Association is a dedicated, non-profit group of individuals and members working on a daily basis to insure the well being of diving in Hawaii. Our goals are to:

  1. Act as a trade association for scuba retailers and resorts offering scuba charters and programs in Hawaii
  2. To support and promote healthy, active diving in Hawaii
  3. Expand promotions to increase diving tourism to the Hawaiian Islands
  4. Abide by, and further, safe diving practices
  5. Establish an active and supportive recreational dive lobby
  6. Work with government agencies in promoting a healthy marine environment

Want to Help Support the Scuba Industry in Hawaii?

We are working everyday to protect our ocean and keep our visitors in the water to experience the amazing marine life that is unique to our islands.  If you would like to contribute to our efforts in Hawaii please donate to H.I.R.S.A below. Thank you for your support!