September 26, 2016

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Full Membership $150.00 a year

Businesses that qualify for full membership shall be businesses that engage in the retail sale of recreational scuba diving instruction and equipment. (“Retailer”) and/or in the sale of a variety of recreational scuba diving and snorkeling tours, instruction, and services (“Resort”). Each member shall designate an individual who will act on behalf of the member on matters relating to the corporation. A Retailer’s business must be located in a retail store in an area zoned (if applicable) for business with a storefront accessible to the public. A Retailer and a Resort must have established, advertised and consistent operational hours, and comply with the local laws regarding business licensure.

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Associate Membership $25.00 a year

Entities that qualify for Associate Membership are those businesses, Dive Clubs, or Dive Professionals, without a storefront who wish to support H.I.R.S.A in legal issues that affect the Hawaiian Island’s Scuba Industry

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