September 7, 2016

Dive Sites of Maui


Molokini Crater


Having been a Marine Life Conservation District since 1977, Molokini has one of the most pristine coral reefs in the state of Hawaii.  There are several sites within the crater, Enenue, Reef’s End, Tako Flats and Middle Reef (the Aquarium).  The Aquarium is a favorite of divers as the sea life is the most abundant and the hard coral reef is extensive and visibility is routinely 80-100 feet or more.  The sand channel abutting the site is also   Depth: up to 100 feet.


Molokini Backwall

Drift Dive along a wall in 280 feet of water.  This wall dive has Cauliflower, Elkhorn and Black Coral at less than 70 feet.  South swell currents will hit the wall and split in several directions and down welling’s can occur as a result.  This will be the best opportunity to see the larger pelagics such as manta rays, eagle rays and reef sharks along with the typical reef inhabitants.  Depth:  varies.


Lanai – First Cathedral

This is a large lava bubble located just offshore from Manele Harbor.  The floor is at about 55 feet and the ceiling around 25 feet.  Inside there are many openings that filter sunlight beams into the bubble, often times illuminating the central rock formation referred to as the altar.  Entrance is through a large archway and the exit is all the way to the other end on the left.  Most days the divers grasp the hand holds on facing a 4’ tube, wait for the current to quit hitting them in the face and then simply let go and get shot through the shotgun exit by the current, onto an extensive finger coral reef.  Depth: 60 feet



Maui Island – Mala Pier

This condemned pier collapsed as a result of wave action associated with Hurricane Iniki in 1992. This site is jam packed with sea life, Green Sea Turtles, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, eels, shrimps, lobster, nudibranchs, frogfish, octopus and numerous species of fish.  Mala Pier is also the best site for night diving on West Maui.  Depth: 35 feet



Molokai – Hammerhead

Moku’hoo niki Rock – Fish Rain

Fish Rain is a drift dive in sometimes strong current and choppy seas known for the possibility of seeing some of the large pelagics.  Some time will be spent away from the reef, mid-water, in the blue looking and waiting for the “Feature Presentation”…Scalloped Hammerhead sharks!  In addition, Galapagos sharks, gray reef sharks, schools of jacks, large barracuda, ahi and dolphins are sometimes seen here.  There are reports that at one time or another, Tiger sharks, Hawaiian Monk seals, whale sharks, mahi, Thresher sharks and even the mighty Humpback whale have all been seen at this dive site. Back on the sloping wall reef, a wide variety of very colorful reef fish reside in great abundance.  Don’t forget to go upright in the water column and spin around every once in a while as you are totally surrounded by fish!  They are “raining down on you” hence the name. Depth: 70-130 Feet