September 7, 2016

Membership Benefits to Joining H.I.R.S.A

The more members HIRSA has, the more we can accomplish together. The 2016 HIRSA board has created specific working groups to tackle, more thoroughly, the issues and opportunities the Hawaii Scuba Industry will have in the near future.  One of the major strategies of the groups is to bring in more tourism and tourism organization support to the members. Creating these groups allows members of the organization to better benefit from their membership in HIRSA and bring industry awareness to their individual dive shops and businesses.  Included in our current work groups are major gear company CEOs, PADI organization representative, and of course an expert industry representative for each island contributing their expertise and value to the success of HIRSA’s agenda.

We are creating set goals to improve the tourism base and awareness of the importance of the Hawaii scuba industry to the larger tourism industry organizations.  This in turn will impact the support these organizations provide to help us promote our members’ businesses at high profiled tourism expos and trade shows outside the scuba industry.

Other benefits that HIRSA members will receive:

Website Presents – We are revamping the HIRSA website to better support the members of HIRSA and their interest in the tourism industry. We are creating a platform for tourists and larger tourism organizations to find the resources to create relationships within the scuba industry with support from the HIRSA organization.

This includes a marketing opportunity for members to promote:

  • Their shops websites
  • Dive specials
  • Events
  • Direct contact us opportunity for members
  • Blog page for different shops to contribute their own stories of what is happening at their locations to promote diving in their location

The website will also provide up to date legislative section for our members to learn about what is in the pipeline of our court system that will directly affect the different aspects of our industry.

We will open up HIRSA for likeminded companies/organizations to have links available on our website, and in the future availability for ad space.  Therefore, organically expanding the customer base for our members.

Marketing – General marketing can be done to attract additional divers to Hawaii using co-op funds and attending large trade and travel shows. The refurbishing of the social media platforms will highly increase the awareness of the HIRSA organization and its members.  Nonprofit advertising funds will also be utilized in promoting and advertising the agenda of the HIRSA organization and its members. Local island marketing and events will help promote diving to the local population. One of these events on Oahu, Dive for Life, bring multiple shops, dive clubs, and local divers together and is a great opportunity for HIRSA and its members to reach out to the local market and bring awareness to our organization and its members. HIRSA will also take opportunity on different islands to participate in ocean events hosted by other organizations giving our members ample opportunity to spread awareness about their support for the wellness and success of the scuba industry in Hawaii.

Government Involvement – HIRSA, on the behalf of its members, will lobby dive industry issues to local, state, and federal agencies. A watchdog group is established to track current legislation issues that either threaten or provide an opportunity to dive operators in the Hawaiian Islands.