We Are Changing the Hawaii Scuba Diving Industry Today, And it Starts With You

We just completed the HIRSA (Hawaiian Island Recreation Scuba Association) Industry Day last month.  It was an amazing meeting and we are ready to turn the Scuba Industry of Hawaii into a recognized economic force in Hawaii tourism.


This is a huge venture that will change the business of Scuba Diving on Hawaii.  How are we doing this? We are creating an economic growth study to present to the major Tourism Organizations showing the contribution we make to the state, in turn, obtaining funding to promote the scuba diving industry of Hawaii.


Did you know that the surf industry was given over 2 million dollars last year to grow, advertise, and promote their industry?  Did you also know that the scuba diving industry in Hawaii is the only one in the nation that does not receive any state funding? 


Well, we are going to change this. We are going to get the funding to increase the tourism of scuba divers to our state, helping all of our HIRSA members to promote their businesses, support our members’ public relations during times of strife, and creating an affordable opportunity to bring our Hawaii scuba industry as a united front to trade shows around the US and future opportunities around the world.


We Need Your Help!


Please send us an email to request the survey to lauren@islandidvershawaii.com.  This questionnaire will be delivered by you to the email provided, a third party, Dive Training Magazine, who will be a separate authority to total the data for the presentation under a non dis-closer agreement that Dive Training has agreed to abide by.


Your information will not be seen by anyone on the HIRSA board or other operators at anytime.


At this time we also need to show a brute force of unity for this to work.  We are asking ALL OF YOU to become members of HIRSA because showing our membership numbers is also going to be a key factor in getting these larger organizations to take our plight seriously.

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